We are located at the northern frontiers of the Fiji Islands, with a mission to reduce business inefficiency, technological illiteracy and underdevelopment, while improving transparency and accessibility of data and online services in Fiji. Our aim is to support Fijian communities and businesses with modern, data-driven applications and cost-effective advanced technologies.

We simplify complicated processes for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for ordinary people, utilizing almost 50 years of collective experience in information and communication technologies, user experience and interfaces, e-commerce, tourism information systems, online payment and booking systems, M2M projects, last-mile telecommunications, and data processing.

We take full advantage of the Open Source technological base available to deliver flexible, reliable, and cost-effective solutions primarily for remote regions. Efficiency, both technological and economical, is our religion. Efficiency in a traditionally inefficient environment is everything, and it helps any business confidently grow and take on challenges, especially in undeveloped regions, to help them develop and thrive.

We have chosen a base location away from populated and developed areas, as we believe that rural regions need technological development the most. Therefore, we are located in rural Fiji, in the Northern province of Cakaudrove, on the beautiful island of Taveuni. We do not look for a perfect working environment, but we strive to create the perfect environment around ourselves where we have chosen to be.