Aerial maps sharing service

MapHub is a service of convenient storing and sharing of aerial mapping data with clients, partners and colleagues for viewing and further collaboration.

MapHub was born in 2021 when we started providing aerial mapping services in the Northern division of Fiji and specifically in Taveuni and shortly run into a problem of conveniently sharing processed aerial data with users that not familiar with GIS software and have very basic computer literacy skills.

By June 2022 the service used by private and commercial UAV pilots located in different parts of the world.


Locator is a simple location sharing service for companies that do deliveries in the areas without developed address system. 


Efficiently connects travel agents and travel operators

Travellers Cloud is a B2B system designed to connect travel agents and travel operators making exchange of data between them seamless and efficient.

The development of Travellers Cloud system began in 2018 as a bespoke travel desk automation solution for Bamboo Group (Fiji) Successfully tested throughout 2019 recording revenue for a group of 3 travel desks, totaling nearly half a million FJD, providing comprehensive reports for company management, organizing travel desks operations and generating tour vouchers for tourists.

Having big plans for further expansion, the project was hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic and was put on hold from April 2020.

The full descriptions of the Travellers Cloud system and it's features is currently available on it's website


Universal content management system

Stardust CMS is an universal and efficient website creation and content management system, that allows to create responsive and mobile friendly websites in minutes. The CMS is privately developed and used by Northern Frontiers to create and manage our own websites as well as websites of our clients.

In more details you can learn about Stardust CMS on it's website. The CMS developed by Northern Frontiers as a part of Starship Troopers international group of software developers.

This website is created and powered by Stardust CMS!


Helps people getting connected to secure VPN in clear and simple steps

Liberator VPN Connect bot for Telegram Messenger helps to obtain and set up personal VPN connection to our VPN servers in Europe, UK, Australia and Russia for whatever legal and humanitarian reasons it might be needed. Either for personal or business use.

Liberator VPN bot removes the need of visiting websites, online registration, sharing your personal details with third party. It uses existing Telegram messenger account details for registration and authorization. User normally don't leave Telegram messenger at all.

Liberator VPN uses open source OpenVPN protocol and standard official OpenVPN client software for establishing secure connection. Users can be sure, that there is no third party software used on their side and all standard connection security requirements are fulfilled.

The service widely used by expatriates from different countries to access their home country entertainment, TV programs, news, apps, games, video content etc as well by individuals in some countries where governments impose strict online censorship.